What is vellum Paper

Vellum paper is a high-quality paper with a smooth finish and carries some semi-transparent tendencies. 

In the past vellum paper was made from animal skin, though today, vellum paper is manufactured using wood pulp. Cotton fibres are a great alternative for making vellum paper - the fibres are treated to mimic a translucent texture and appearance.

In Nairobi, there's an increasing use of Vellum paper in the production of wedding cards, artistic drawings and certificates. There's also a growing market in the fine art industry where vellum is used for printing. Vellum paper is commonly used by calligraphers and artists who use it for its unique texture and ability to hold ink and paint well.

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Designing using Vellum Paper

Vellum paper is most preferable for printing design projects, becoming a favourite for architects doing blue prints and architectural drawings; this is mostly because these kinds of documents require an elegant finish.

The wedding cards industry has greatly embraced the use of vellum paper, mainly by exploiting its translucent properties to bring out silhouettes of flowers, text and graphics that introduce an elegant finishing on the wedding cards.

Wedding cards made from vellum paper are mainly considered exotic. vellum wedding cards feature transparent properties and a trademark of elegance - its textured finish gives a mystic feel, away from the ordinary paper materials. Wedding cards can be made entirely from Vellum paper or may consist of a blend of Laser patterns, acrylics, and handcrafting. 

Vellum paper a great choice for wedding cards since its gives an illusion of executive wedding cards while retaining a feel of mysticism. 

Uses of Vellum Paper in wedding cards

Vellum paper is used to create a variety of designs and styles - floral, solid colours, rustic wedding cards, and classic wedding cards. Vellum is a great choice for traditional wedding cards or for functions like Ruracio cards, or traditional weddings.

Vellum offers compatibility with a great range of materials and is suitable for printing using various techniques like sublimation, No-cut prints, laser printing, offset printing, inkjet printing, and screen printing, this allows for a great variety of finishings and a wide range of customisation in wedding cards production.

The most common wedding cards made from vellum paper feature save-the-dates cards, the main invitation cards, RSVP cards, thank-you notes, dedications, and general wraps for wedding cards, where the vellum paper is printed on colourful flowers and fashioned into enveloped or combined with colourful ribbons to create exotic finishes. Vellum paper, when used in wedding cards creates a refined appearance and a boost of elegance and sophistication to the wedding invitations.