Expressing style with Laser Cards

Expressing style with Laser Cards

Laser cutting has become widely embraced in many aspects of modern day living. Interestingly, the wedding cards industry has also been swept by the storm that is laser cut wedding cards. Laser cut wedding cards are quite style expressive - they deliver a unique way of expression that couldn't earlier be captured with dye-cutting techniques and yet laser cutting technology is way much faster and considerably cheaper than traditional dye cutting

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Are laser cut cards expensive

Laser cut cards are considered very economical. This is because one can choose any range of cards they want and one can also have mixed designs in one order, all at an affordable fee. The cheapest card in the laser price range debuts at Ksh. 90/=, prices are then progressive with the average price of laser cards settling at Ksh.130/=. A look through the shops in Nairobi, one will easily single out wedding cards centre as one of the main contenders in the laser wedding cards printing. Their website comprises of a complete section of laser cut wedding cards.

What materials can be laser cut for wedding cards

Laser cutting can be done on all manner of materials except metals. commonly, all materials that can be printed qualify for laser cutting.

Materials that can be laser-cut range from embossed paper, Ivory boards, perspex boards, Art card and cloth materials. with a lot of materials to choose from, one can easily capture the theme of their wedding easily with laser wedding cards and have a lasting beauty of the memory of their wedding.