Where can you get Acrylics wedding cards

Most of us have at one point received a wedding invitation, which is most likely a two-fold A4 paper printed in maroon and with rings, a dove, flowers and some zig-zag serrated edges. We all have also witnessed executive cards, with gold prints and some trinkets attached to the cards. Much recently, we've also seen a trend in laser cut cards which tended to be more trendy and more creative. 

Nothing could have prepared us for the disruption that would be Acrylics, which have taken over the wedding cards stratosphere by storm.

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What are acrylics?

Acrylics are glass-like materials, mostly transparent used to print wedding cards. Acrylics offer a unique and long lasting casting of your wedding invitation and unlike convectional wedding cards, acrylics have an almost infinite shelf life.

How do you print Acrylics

The most common technique for printing acrylics is Ultraviolet Printing but other techniques as sublimation can also be explored.

The acrylics can be printed in reverse or on the face. The fact that the acrylics are transparent offers a unique blend of see-through possibilities and can blend with any materials and colours to create elegance.

Where can you get Acrylics wedding cards

Acrylics wedding cards can be procured online at wedding cards centre or in their shop along mfangano street, at Rabiero house 3rd Floor. upon order the printing can be done in a few hours and orders delivered. However one needs to confirm the artwork for suitability with the graphics designers.